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There are tons of Cryptocurrency Exchanges out there which offer services to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and lovers.

But one recently launched cryptocurrency exchange is changing the face of the industry in Africa, is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Designed with the challenges faced by African in mind but is open to users from all over the world.

The is one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges from the african continent with knack to make trading your Ethereum based assets as easy as blowing breeze.  Users from around the world has been enjoy the benefits of easy crypto trading, low charges, to mention but few of the benefits.

Though is a new cryptocurrency exchange, the development team has said that it will be an on-going project that will keep evolving. They have said that in the nearest future they will be adding a feature that will enable users to convert their assets to fiat and even allow fiat trading  on the exchange.

This would be a revolutionary exchange that is coming out of African. The Bolenum group behind the exchange is a blockchain company seeking to utilize the power of blockchain to solve many challenges militating against African in allowing to trade and integrate them into the blockchaing world.

You can visit to register and trade your crypto assets and get a feel of why is the easiest place to trade.

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