Top management institute of India set to offer blockchain courses and fintech.

Officially the management institute of india came out to announce the additional course on advance programme in fintech and blochchain,

on how the programme will be run, in a digital platform format, where it will be delivered in a hybrid executive format and live online sessions via Talent Spring digital platform.

These new digital platforms TalentSpring is the latest digital platform that transform lives of young and vibrant professionals. Its hybridize camps boost professionals with high-end disruptive technologies. Powered Artificial Intelligence enables professionals to gain an edge amongst their peers, by staying ahead in a competitive world. Funded by Nexus Venture Partners and the National Skill Development Corporation, TalentSprint aim is to empower over a million professionals by 2020. Also reported in the news, one of the programme directors, Indranil Bose added in his speeches:

“A vast majority of firms in the banking and financial sector believe that the lack of adequate FinTech talent is an existential threat to their future. We plan to equip and enable 2000 FinTech professionals in the next few years.”

For you to be able to scale through this programme, the candidate must have a graduate degree or post graduate related courses with not less than 50% in addition, with two years of working experience.

To be become the FinTech leading capital of the world, India has to capacity. Even Nasscom predicts that Indian FinTech size doubles every three years. Within the coming decade, 80% of the current fintech firms will lose relevance.