Chinese Tech Firm: In Collision with National University of Singapore To Research blockchain

Report has it that the National University of Singapore (NUS) is planning on working with Chinese Technology Company to research and develop for a better updates and solution of blockchain technology,

According to the report Patterning to the current information on the seminar held in the city of Chongqing in Sichuan province, this was the topic that was deliberated on, blockchain and big data technology, NUS coming in terms with local business Chongqing Jinwowo Technologies (CJT) on innovations that also include big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

This strategic cooperation will work within big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, etc,” People’s Daily quotes professor Pang Yan, professor at the NUS’ School of Business and Computer Science and director of its Commercial Big Data Analysis Center, as saying.

The seminar was also presented with the charter of the Chongqing Blockchain Industry Innovation Alliance, the entity that formed the first blockchain association in the region. NUS will play a bigger technical role in the CJT deal and with its scientific know-how will reportedly assist solve problems in new tools.

Earlier this month, China’s own educational establishment continued its extensive research into blockchain, with Fuden University opening a dedicated research center for blockchain. A corporate partnership between Microsoft and the Spanish telecom giant Telefonica was announced on Tuesday, also targeting Blockchain and AI tools.