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Fujitsu, Sony Global Education begin blockchain field trial for Educational Record Management

Sony Global Education, Inc., Fujitsu Limited, and Fujitsu Research Institute today announced that they have initiated a field trial to evaluate the practicability of blockchain technology in course records and grade data.

The trial will be conducted in collaboration with Human Academy Co., Ltd., an educational institution that accepts and teaches foreign students. The trial will involve students who intend to study abroad in Japan. They will take a course aimed at the Nihongo Kentei language proficiency test created by EDVEC and make use of Fujitsu’s Fisdom digital learning platform.

The course platform will collect data including test scores, Japanese conversational ability, and study time, and store and manage them as unfalsifiable data on a blockchain, in the form of a certificate, the release said.

Educational institutions will be afforded a firm grasp of the prospective student's language ability by referring to the highly reliable learning data stored in the blockchain when checking the validity of the educational certificate submitted by the prospective student. The implementation of this system will make it possible for learning institutions to support diverse ways of learning more effectively.

This initiative was as a result of the difficulty educational institutions faced in confirming the validity of foreign students’ course results. In terms of language ability, Fujitsu said, this led to issues as appropriate instruction suited to a person’s ability was not provided after coming to Japan, and the institution was subsequently unable to offer job search support.

In the press release it was stated that, the three companies will also consider an initiative to evaluate learning attitudes and processes through a more multifaceted analysis of the study logs and grade information collected during the trial.

The students’ course record and grade data on the blockchain will allow for educational institutions to support the students with “appropriate education suited to their individual skill levels after coming to Japan.” The multi-stage trial is expected to run for thirty days, starting today, it will run until March 29th, 2019.

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