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Japanese Trading Firm in Collaboration with Blockchain Start-up LO3 Energy

Japanese general trading company Marubeni, in partnership with blockchain energy startup LO3 Energy, has kick-started a project for the efficient administering of energy using blockchain.

Finally; Germany Set To Embark on Developing Its Country’s Blockchain Strategy At Summer.

The source of the report reaching us now, from Germanys government, stated that they have summon so many private and public organizations,

Luxembourg Adopts Blockchain technology to Facilitates Financial Services

Luxembourg's parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, has passed a bill providing a legal framework for securities issued over blockchains.

South Australia Government Set To Introduce Blockchain Technology For Their Election

According to a report the South Australia government is ready to introduce blockchain technology in order to facilitate the country's upcoming election.

Facebook Looking to Add 13 More Members to its Blockchain Team.

The California based Social media giant Facebook, has enlisted on it career site 13 different blockchain-related jobs that are opened.

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