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Web services provider Yahoo has added cryptocurrency trading to its Yahoo Finance mobile application on the iOS platform. The app currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and,

perhaps a bit surprisingly, Dogecoin. They’ve made the move in partnership with TradeIt, which is already powering the trading of traditional assets on Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo Finance has partnered with TradeIt, an API infrastructure company that connects financial institutions to platforms where their customers are already engaged.  Today’s integration makes this leading Finance utility even better by allowing investors to take action.  Users will have the unique ability to synchronize their brokerage portfolios with their Yahoo Finance Watchlists and take advantage of all of the power of Yahoo Finance for news, price notifications, and analysis – seamlessly, all in one place.

Available in the U.S. for both iOS and Android, users can initiate a trade with the tap of a button, from any given quote page or watchlist.  They will then be taken to their select broker screen to sign in, view their synced account with real-time updates, and execute the order. 

Most of the major brokerage firms will be accessible on the Yahoo Finance app through the TradeIt integration.  All order communications are passed directly through to the user’s broker, who is responsible for execution.  Yahoo Finance will not be retaining users brokerage credentials as part of this new function, rather that data will remain with the respective financial institution.  

This just the first of many new product updates and launches for Yahoo Finance, as the brand looks to connect partners and passionate communities with relevant utilities and content through its trusted platform.

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