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Amazon One of the Multinational Company to Set up Bitcoin on its Platform


Amazon one of the multinational technology company, committed to set up bitcoin on it platform.

At the time being, the company has been committed to its 310 million customers globally, to increase  more productive years to come.

Moreover the US owned company hasn’t clearly come up with the latest trends and plans about the crypto-integration as one of its services.

Perhaps the company’s media Reports indicates the company had acquire some digital currency-related domain names, at the year 2018 the multinational company won a patent for a streaming data platform that allows their customer to view their cryptocurrency transaction in less time.

This means it will allow retailer to combine bitcoin wallet addresses with residential address to create a merged data record.  It was Speculated that the software engineer took out some time to spread some rumour that amazon will start receiving bitcoin as one of its payment method. The company later had a rethink because of the currency unstable volatility. On the other hand, the company web service had started offering blockchain solutions to developers to launch an ethereum  or  hyperledger (private) network in minutes with just a click.

Sooner the possibility of amazon receiving cryptocurrency for payment or means of transaction will soon be implemented, according to the Changpeng  Zhao, the CEO of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, the 41 year old cryptocurrency expert said  that its ideal and fit for amazon business model, he went further to explain that for any online and non -physical based companies  not to accept  cryptocurrency for payments. He also stated the advantages that it’s cheaper, faster and easier to make use of, than traditional way of payments.

Finally the company has planned a survey to whether or not to integrate crytopcurreny into their platform.




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