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In the recent days the price of bitcoin has gone up which led many in the cryptocurrency world to believe that the winter is over and that the bull run is here again.

Though Bitcoin is the undisputed king of the cryptocurrency world, there are things that need to be

Samsung Reveals Crypto Partners for Its Latest Flagship Galaxy S10

In the light of the recent debuting of South Korean tech giant latest flagship, the Galaxy s10, Samsung officials have revealed more specific cryptocurrency wallet functions for the South Korean tech giant’s new flagship.

Ripple's XRP now Available to Traders on Coinbase Pro Trading Platfrom

Third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ripple's XRP is up by almost 5% in the past 24 hours after major exchange Coinbase Pro announced it will launch XRP trading.


The U.S. government has recovered stolen 27.66270285 BTC – worth just over $104,000 and returned it to cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, the company said on Monday.

Latest Samsung Flagship, The Galaxy S10 Built to Store Cryptocurrency Private Keys

Samsung latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, will include secure storage for cryptocurrency private keys, according to an official press release on Feb. 20.

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